MACHTELD AARDSE (multimedia artist, NL)

“The walls move further away and back again. Is there an opening to freedom there? Slowly I get closer, closer to myself.”

Machteld Aardse (1972, NL) is based in Amsterdam. Her work shows a recurring fascination for the performativity of drawing. To Aardse, drawing is always more than a depiction of the world; a drawing is an intervention in the world. In her work, she also usesother media, such as installations and light projections. She is intrigued by varying views of the world and the urban memory, particularly specific connections and short-circuits. Most of her work is executed in the public space. After getting a Masters Degree in Art History at the University of Amsterdam, she completed a BFA in Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Aacdemie in Amsterdam and an MFA in Public Art at the Dutch Art Institute.

Machteld Aardse
multimedia artist
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