IM AUBE (Aušrinė Pudževytė) painter, illustrator, muralist (LTU, ZW)

“They said wash your hands and wear masks. They said keep your distance and pay attention to any symptoms. The world did that and still got hurt and sad. Maybe because they made sure we were protected physically, but forgot about our mental health. A healthy mind not only helps us survive, but helps us grow and stay inspired. Art was, and still is, my protection for everything that’s happening and what’s yet to come. Art and new ways of creativity are the impenetrable shield that makes me – ME.”

Aušrinė Pudževytė (Im Aube) is passionate painter, illustrator, interior decorator and a muralist who loves to leave meaningful artworks in every country that she visit. Aušrinė so far has been in over 17 countries of the world and in 14 of them left unique artworks and a huge impact in different people lives. The artist proudly thinks that ART is the biggest love of her life that never betrays and only protects spiritually, mentally and even physically. Aube believes that art and new colors can actually change the atmosphere and rebuild, send a message and bring a lot of love, compassion, realization to our lives.

Im Aube (Aušrinė Pudževytė)
Painter, Illustrator, muralist, interior decorator
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