HANNA-LINA HUTZFELDT-FRANZKE (performer, dancer, dance pedagoge, D)

“Distance creates interpersonal closeness in a new way. A way we did not experience before, but we already know.”

Hanna-Lina studied dance pedagogy in the Netherlands. Her focus is on working with other “non-artists” and artists. She organized dance projects in the public space (empty school, café, park) and worked for “de Nederlandse Dansdagen” and for the “Café Theater Festival”. In addition, numerous transdisciplinary choreographies were created after her concept. Her goal is to use her knowledge and professional international relations to enrich the Cultural Landscape of Kiel, which is why she and her husband founded the Dwarsdriewer Performing Arts Festival Kiel.

Hanna-Lina Hutzfeldt-Franzke
Performer, Dancer, Dance pedagoge
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