EPISODE 9 // 07.12.2020
interviewee: Stefanie Kölln
artists: Machteld Aardse (NL) und Elke Mark (D)

EPISODE 8 // 02.12.2020
Die Timeline // The Timeline
interviewee: Oliver Brunner, Artistik director States Theatre Darmstadt (Germany)
artists: Nora Oertel, Odin Hansen, Flensburg (Germany)

EPISODE 7 // 07.07.2020
interviewee: Irah Patero, student, Philippines, Germany
artists: Probeatz, Im Aube

EPISODE 6 // 01.07.2020
interviewee: Almuth Schwinger, daycare nurse, Flensburg (Germany)
artists: video/dance: Ceren Oran // Musik: Hüseyin Evirgen // Camera: Ceren Oran & Mehmet Birinci

EPISODE 5 // 24.6.2020
STILL.STAND // Episode 5: Kleinigkeiten // Little Things

The Interviewee: Tim Zwinge, Carpenter, Wuppertal (German)

The Artists: Kajus Berghof (Instagram: @realchajos) und Thore Lewi
Video: Sam-Chester Lindenau (insta: @samchester45)

EPISODE 4 // 19.6.2020

KUENDAproductions //
STILL.STAND // Episode 4 “Positionierung//Positioning”

The interviewee: Elke Vorbeck, Rentnerin//pensioneer, (Flensburg, Germany)

The artists: Mark Christoph Klee and Irina Runge (Germany)

EPISODE 3 // 16. JUNI 2020

The interviewees: Liliana Ortiz Lozano, Aguascalientes (Mexico) & her brother Jaime Alberto Ortiz Lozano (Mexico D.F.)


EPISODE 2 // 10. JUNI 2020

Interviewee: Ceren Oran, choreographer and dancer, based in Munich, in lockdown in San Francisco
Künstler: ANTHONY BROOKS (visual artist, USA/SRB)

artists note: “Initially meant as a response to an interview of dancer/choreographer Ceren Oran by Kuenda Productions co-founder Cindy Jaenicke around the first month of the COVID pandemic, this video and artwork have enveloped more meaning. The general idea behind it was initially the stagnation of our environments; the ability to hear our heartbeat, our breaths, to watchourselves age as hair grows longer and faces grow evermore tired. How in the beginning, we went into isolation thinking of some activities to do to pass the time, and thoughts that we’ve been putting off, but shortly after, all we wanted to do was leave. I based the animation itself on a sweet potato that started growing in my studio just before the pandemic began and really, it was meant to be more introspective than anything. For the viewer to attach their own experience to the visuals of time passing.

What changed was obviously the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement on a global scale as a result of the racial discrimination and recent unjustified killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. The visuals and meaning behind the piece, for me, as I finished it in the days just following George Floyd’s death, grew leaps and bounds, and became significantly more complicated. I hesitated on whether or not to release it, or to perhaps alter the piece in order to pay respects and avoid confusion or unintended connections. Ultimately, I decided to leave it as is, as the life of the plant and its growth, the breaths that start and end, there was a certain peace in them for me. Perhaps others won’t find it to be the same, and they could have more of a haunting effect, but either way, I wanted to publish it all the same.

In collaboration with Kuenda Productions and supported by the city of Flensburg, I present:


EPISODE 1 // 7. JUNI 2020
Interviewee: Caro Bader, 34, Fachberaterin Inlandsprogramme, Ärzte der Welt, München
Künstlerinnen: FRANZISKA SCHMITZ (actress, connector, performer, D) & Georgia Begbie