KITCHENJAM – Talk, Jam and Food
A new monthly culture format for Flensburg is launched.
The production office KUENDA are Plot Mhako (Zimbabwe) and Cindy Jänicke (Germany), new since August in Flensburg and curious about city, people, culture and perspectives. They want to get to know Flensburg and the Flensburgers
Questions are in search of what the city is or is not, what it has to offer, what makes it worth living and diverse, what you do not like about it, what you should change.
For this KUENDAproductions and the NORDER147 open a PopUp-Kitchen. Because the best conversations of every party take place in the kitchen. Conversations about God and the world, meaning and nonsense, love and heartache, politics and society. Here
If you get to know each other, connections, friendships, loves, as well as aversions, doubts, displeasure arise.
We invite the audience to become active, to chat, to discuss, to argue or to disagree completely. But: everyone can, no one has to. Our guests are Flensburgers * at the table with us, musicians who make a kitchen jam out of the kitchen talk and each a cooking guest, the * for the physical well-being

47379717_2211203179150424_5004030026786537472_nKitchenJAM #2 // 22.11.
Colorful – but how?
Thanks to these amazing three musicians // it was awesome! Fusion Zimbabwe / flensburg… Ma Ya on the decks, the magical awa (Rap), sound machine and improv-Rap-Pro Cha!


KitchenJAM #2 // 22.11.
Colorful – but how?
A huge thank you to our place for the kitchen jam // thank you Dany Heck for this wonderful place. Norder147
Thank you Andrea rhyme for the birth!
Thank you Daniel Lindh about, jan wellmann and plot mhako for the photos!!!


KitchenJAM #2
Colorful – but how?
Thanks to our talk guests! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
And thanks to the audience for an exciting and also controversial discussion on how diversity really is lived in flensburg.
Here are a few of the live-improvised rhymes to the kitchen jam of cha:


KitchenJAM #5
Vielen Dank an alle Vertreter*innen von “Fridays for future”, Delara Burkhardt und alle, die zum Diskutieren gekommen sind! an Flibby und Chajos für grandiosen handmade Rap, Kadifa fürs Essen und an die NORDER147 und Dany, die tollste Gastgeberin in town! Schön, intensiv, offen wars!