Mafuwe International Festival of Dance is a platform which aims at advancing, promoting and celebrating the art and culture of dance.  The festival is hosted in the capital city of Zimbabwe, in Harare. The last edition was happening from 16-18 August 2019.

The festival that is set to bring together to Harare various dancers, performances, artists from the world over. This is the first all international dance festival in Zimbabwean history.

Contemporary dance from the African continent is growing, though still underrepresented in the global arts scene and hard to find at international festivals. It is a vision to create unity, to create a network for dance, combining the showcasing of performances that are coming from African countries, presenting performances from abroad where African dancers are the driving forces and bring in international works that aim to deal with diversity and intercultural understanding. We are interested in  interdisciplinary works and works that intermediate different dance forms (classical, contemporary, urban, traditional etc.).

In the first edition in 2019 we had 28 international artists coming to Zimbabwe (such as Jessica Nupen & Moving into Dance Mophatong from South Africa, Renegade from Germany, Ceren Oran and her team from Germany, Meryem Jazouli from Morocco, Faizal Ddamba from Uganda, Kurtis Dennison from the State/Rwanda, Lisa Wilson from South Africa, Maya Trampler from Germany.) and we had 35 local Zimbabwean artists performing as well (such as the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe, Chaleen Chimara, Vein Alfazime, The ChoZen, John Cole, Infinite Dance Crew, Jerahuni Movement Factory, Megatronz Empire) See the full programme here.

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